Quality Policy

With the aim of seeking out synergies and becoming the leading manufacturer of aerosols in Spain, in July 2019 we acquired Envasados Xiomara y Aerosoles Preval, which remained active as a production centre up to the beginning of 2020. The Romar Global Care (RGC) Group is comprised of the companies QUIMI ROMAR, S.L.AGRADO COSMETICS CARE 3000 S.L. and ENVASADO XIOMARA S.L.

The RGC Group’s Board of Directors has a Quality Management System (QMS) based on the company’s Quality Policy and involving stakeholders related to its activity (environment, employees, competitors, etc.). It generates trust (from clients and internally) that the company has the capacity to design and supply compliant products that fulfil clients’ expectations and expand the company’s markets.

As the maximum authority on applying the company’s Quality Policy, the RGC Group’s Board of Directors will fully support implementation and maintenance of the QMS in order to ensure continuous improvement, and to comply with and enforce the responsibilities and activities assigned in QMS documentation at all levels of the company.

Through its president, company management is responsible for ensuring compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and it will use every resource available to it in this regard; achievement of these goals requires the involvement and commitment of every company staff member, as well as visitors.

The RGC Group’s Quality Policy is based on:

  • Designing, establishing and maintaining a QMS adapted to our activities and the nature of personal hygiene, cleaning and insecticide products and, in particular, the cosmetic ranges that meet client needs and expectations using the best possible technology.
  • Complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring that raw material suppliers meet quality, price and service expectations.
  • Delivering products at competitive prices and within an appropriate time frame, achieving and maintaining a reputation for quality with good service and good prices.
  • Enjoying an innovative spirit, supported by a continuous training plan.

The RGC Group’s ultimate goal is to achieve a notable position on the market and to see our clients benefit from the improvements obtained from correctly applying the QMS and complying with GMP.

The different physical, chemical and microbiological risks have been considered in the HACCP study, as have all product safety aspects. Thus, the RGC Group guarantees the safety and harmlessness of its products made available on the market, using technical resources and staff members to ensure the sanitary suitability of its products and the requirements specified by clients and consumers. In this regard, it will have precise measures in place to address any aspect required by regulations or by clients, thus aiding the company’s continuous improvement, and that of the products and services it offers. The aim is for improvements to processes and their management to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, as well as respectful of the social environment where the company develops its activity, which it does by accepting environmental, ethical and occupational responsibilities.

RGC Group management wishes to underline the significance of suitable understanding, implementation and updating of this policy at all levels of the company, and is committed to providing the right resources so it may be developed and rolled out, as well as performing the corresponding monitoring tasks to ensure its efficacy.

In Náquera, on 22 September 2022.

Pablo Rodríguez-Gimeno